Meeting Facilities


The chapel is the largest meeting facility that we have with a capacity of about 250. Chairs can be set up by your group or let us know how many are coming and we can do it for you. You can bring your own AV equipment to have it just the way you like it or for a nominal fee the camp’s AV equipment can be utilized (sound system and video projection unit).

Bear Cave

Also known as the Game Room, this meeting spot is cozy.  Game tables (fooseball, ping-pong, pool) can be moved to the side and chairs set up to meet the needs of your group. It also has a fireplace that can be lit on those cold nights/days. Capacity is about 70


Classrooms can seat about 30-35. Ideal for break-out sessions or for small groups that don’t require lots of meeting space. Use them also to store and isolate the equipment you bring for your encampment.


The barn is a covered, “outdoor” meeting facility. Most sides are walled but large openings allow for that “outdoor” feel. Folding tables (picnic table style) are available for use or we can set it up with metal, folding chairs. Capacity 50-100 (based on whether you use tables or just chairs).

Dinning Hall

Just give us enough time to clean up after a meal (and enough time to set up prior to a meal) and the Dinning Hall can be used as another meeting place for those medium to large groups. Especially nice if your larger group needs tables in order to spread out papers or for note taking. Capacity is about 200.

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